Daniel Isoje:  BA, MSc, FCA, FCTI, PGC

Mr. Isoje holds a BA (Hons) degree in Accounting & Finance and an MSc in Finance both from the University of Derby in the UK, a Post Graduate Certificate in Finance from the University of Leicester in the UK and is a Fellow of both The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) and The Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN).

Mr. Isoje started his career with the firm of BDO Balogun Badejo & Co. (Chartered Accountants) as an Audit Trainee in 1988. While in training he was exposed to all aspects of professional accountancy practice which among others  included Auditing, Accounting, Taxation, Receivership and Management Consultancy Services.

In 1993, he moved to Ernst & Young Osindero Oni (Chartered Accountants) where he served as the firm's resident Auditor in charge of Oil & Gas auditing and international financial reporting at Mobil Producing Nigeria Unltd.

He joined PrimeTrust Insurance Company Ltd. in 1995 as the Senior Manager - Finance & Administration. He resigned from PrimeTrust in 2000 to start a career in computer consulting specialising mainly in accounting software.

Mr. Isoje is currently the Managing Consultant of Additt Consulting, a firm specialising in the development of the Additt range of software solutions and the provision of a wide range of business solutions using the Additt platform.

He is happily married with children.

Additt Consulting is managed by a selected team of seasoned and experienced professionals who believe in adding real values to the operational processes of clients.

Additt Consulting

....developing robust, reliable, scalable and sustainable applications to meet the ever changing needs of businesses with special regard to the operating environment....

....Number one indigenous Accounting software in Nigeria....
....Number one indigenous Payroll & HR software in Nigeria....
....Number one indigenous Fixed Assets software in Nigeria....

Opeyemi Folorunsho NCE (Accounting Education)

Mr. Opeyemi Folorunsho is an NCE Accounting Education graduate of the Federal College Of Education (Technical) Akoka, Lagos.

Mr. Folorunsho started his IT career as a data processing officer in Alpha-beta before joining Ausnav Limited in 2005 where he was in charge of monitoring the ebanking platform used for revenue collections in Ondo State of Nigeria.  He left Ausnav to start a freelance IT career in Lagos before joining Dni & Associates in 2007 from where he moved to Additt Consulting in 2017.

Since joining Additt Consulting Mr. Folorunsho has been actively involved in various aspects of information technology processes including software development, software implementation, software maintenance, database administration, system administration, server room management, networking and computer repairs and maintenance.

Mr. Folorunsho has attended variuos on-the-job trainings, workshops and seminars and is versatile in web development, Microsoft Access development and SQL Server administration.

He is happily married with children.